Jackie Chan's Police Story and Police Story 2 (Limited Blu-ray Box set) (Eureka Classics) [UK]


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Jul 6, 2016
Release date: August 20, 2018
Purchase links: Amazon UK - Eureka - Zavvi
Price: £23.99 (Amazon) - £24.99 (Zavvi) - £25.99 (Eureka)
Notes: Limited to 3000 copies; Region B locked.




  • Special Limited Edition Box Set
  • 1080p presentations of both films, sourced from immaculate 4K restorations including Police Story 2 in its full 2 hour version for the first time ever in the UK
  • Original Cantonese mono audio track for Police Story
  • Restored Cantonese 5.1 audio presentations for both films
  • Optional English audio tracks
  • Optional Mandarin audio tracks
  • Optional English subtitles
  • The "Police Force" version of the first film, originally re-edited for the US video market and featuring its own electronic score by Kevin Bassinson
  • "Jackie Chan” (40 mins) – A documentary on Jackie Chan’s early career from cult film documentary series, Son of the Incredibly Strange Film Show
  • Archival Interview with Jackie Chan (20 mins)
  • Interview with Benny Lai (15 mins)
  • Police Story – Deleted and extended scenes, including alternate opening and ending sequences
  • Police Story 2 – Outtakes
  • Jackie Chan's Stunts - promotional trailer
  • Box set exclusive – Collectors booklets for each film, featuring new essays and archival content
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Dec 27, 2017
another version of these films, but if it's anything like Eureka's treatment of Drunken Master, this is a must-buy. the restoration job on that was exemplary. :notworthy:

pre-orders already up and available, Zavvi currently £5 cheaper. :thumbs:

fyi @cooey @dan8885 @Drunkenmaster @Lollard2002 @Noodles

Yeah my initial thought was to pass as you say "another version of these films" & still no UK release of Police Story 3 (supercop)

but then saw details, 2 Versions of Police story (Uncut & TV version) & the 2 hour version of Police Story 2 (don't Know if there is the standard version as well)

Lets to say ordered!!!!!!

Fingers crossed for more blu ray releases of old HKL titles - Wheels on Meals, Prodigal Son Please, Please!!!!!!!!
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Dec 27, 2017

From IRONGOD2112 on BR.com
"Awesome news today!!

Eureka will be including the Japanese
cut of Police Story 1 !!

They are also using the superior laserdisc audio & are using Ken81's English subtitles on it as well.

They also were given 2 standard def versions of Police Story 2 theatrical cut by Fortune Star. One is the Theatrical Cantonese version. The other they weren't sure what is was.
It ran 90 min and was English dubbed and in PAL

They sent me 2 clips to identify it. So I watch the clips and low and behold it's the classic English 1988 dub!! So I assume this is the same cut as the UK VHS from 1988"

Fingers crossed its the real deal (jusst a sample of the interesting info)
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