Jacob's Plain Archive Thread

Mar 19, 2015
Denver, CO
Hey guys!

I discovered Plain Archive in February of 2015, and I haven't looked back since. The first film I ordered was Rust & Bone, and they only had Design A available, so it's what I ordered. About 10 minutes after placing my first order, I went back and purchased the Standard Edition of Melancholia. I was just hooked. Zero Dark Thirty was my first pre-order experience, and I purchased the One-Click option and was one of the first 100 orders. Since then, I've purchased every edition of every release they had. I went back and purchased titles that were released before I discovered them.

Unfortunately, I have since stopped purchasing every single release. Money is getting tight, and some films I just have no interest in. Om Shanti Om (and Bollywood in general) are films I have no interest in. I can't justify spending $80 on a movie I'll never watch. I also HATED Foxcatcher in the theaters, so I didn't want to spend $40 on a movie I loathe. It's just not worth it to spend that kind of money to have every spine number.

But here's my collection so far. I do have I Killed My Mother on order, so I'm still buying new releases, just limiting it to films I like/want to see.