Jericho's Mutant Power Thread

I hope to add to this in the coming year thanks to some cool new X-Men Collectibles. But I got a job collection going. check it out:

The Steels:

Some DVDs:

Some X-Men Figures:

Wolverine Hot Toy:

Colossus Sideshow PF:

Rogue Sideshow PF:

Gambit Sideshow PF:

Apocalypse Sideshow PF:

Deadpool Sideshow PF:

Psylocke PF and Storm PF

Art Prints (came with the PFs):


Added a few pieces:

and consolidated them together in one display:

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Aug 11, 2013
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Absolutely stunning collection of steels and figures! BUMP! Love them all! i have to do my displqys in the same way. i want the figures along with the steels. :)