John Wick (Digital Mini SteelBook) (SDCC 2018 Exclusive) [USA]

Added to Calendar: 07-19-18

SteelBook mini. Its somewhat a sign of things to come. In the USA there are already digital copy stuff floating around. Walmart has like these ugly cardboard hangers where you buy just the digital. So Scanavo have a way to market to that area of sales to studios albeit at a premium compared to ugly cardboard. It also takes up less retail space given the size of this. Its definitely neat, but I wouldnt suspect it to be something that catches on and completely replaces discs unless the studios force us that way. What i mean by that is .... the irony is that steelbook collectors buy physical media for the premium case/product, and tangible object that it is. SteelBook collectors likely value discs and packaging more than the casual consumer. And when paying more, many like the fact of knowing they could sell it off later to recoup some of the money spent if not all. A one time use digital code card inside is not going to have the same resale value tied to it then a disc that can be replayed.

If a studio keeps on with these, like perhaps Lionsgate might ... I could see many of us buying them as cool additions to our favorite movies and such. But I would suspect if they force us to this later with no discs their sales wouldnt have the same effect as a disc'd up g2. So I'm not going to worry much at all, and if they make cool ones I want to add to my collection then i'll pick those up.

When movie sections disappear from Walmart, Best Buy and Target then you can worry. Cause those sell more units for studios then other Country retail stores as well. Chain effect.

But even so, it would likely mean less cool stuff, but still plenty to go around. The physical media of movies is still a big market and will continue for many years, the next phase very far from now might be like the way of specialty shops. 1) internet sales (amazon and boutique labels etc) 2) specialty shops much like comic book stores and record stores.

Once upon a time (when i was growing up) you could get comic books at newstands and shops , grocery stores etc, very widely available. Now not as widely available (discounting digital) , but still an industry doing very well for itself.


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May 15, 2013
I just want this for the form factor. Not too many opportunities to get a Steelbook Mini. So seriously, who’s going to SDCC??


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Honestly, I feel like it's a poor excuse to try and force downloads on collectors and slowly phase out discs... the only reason I'd ever go digital is if I didn't have the shelf space for physical copies, and this idea obviously defeats that purpose lol.