Joker (4K+2D & 2D Blu-ray SteelBooks) (U’Mania Selective No. 6) [Korea]

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Nov 6, 2017
Would of loved to of gotten a one click but there was no Europe group buy here.
Now the prices on the bay I've seen 2 go for 350 each so far.
Also is blufans or anyone else in line to do a one click of this film ?
I don’t think Blufans will do a DC release.
HdZeta will probably do their Gold Label release of this. Hopefully MantaLab as well.
Cinemuseum is also preparing their release with WWA steelbooks.
I would bet Filmarena will probably be the latest release with 3 different WWA steelbooks, probably will release it next decade for the 10th anniversary lol.
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Feb 16, 2016
So I was rearranging some slips on my presentation shelve and had Full Slip A in hand again, only to discover a layer is peeling off:

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg

Reminds me of the "Life" Full Slip from KimchiDVD, which had a similar problem. Anybody else's slip got this issue, too?

Furthermore the glue they used isn't the best:


And this is always a nuisance with matte black areas:

05.jpg 06.jpg

Scuff marks! They were on it from the beginning. They should handle the slips even more carefully.

It's still a nice slip, but such issues are annoying nonetheless. Asking for a replacement won't help much, I suppose. In my experience a replacement slip will have the very same "damages", just in other places. And for the peeling of the foiling, the replacement "Life" full slip from KimchiDVD was not much better than the original one.
Jul 3, 2019
For info. Delivery to UK, got a £11 customs charge. Seems a lot of these do not sure re U’Mania’s marking up of price. Hey ho.