Bottleneck Gallery Journey Through Hogwarts by Ben Harman


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Aug 29, 2011
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Before we head into the weekend, we’ve got a truly magical release from Ben Harman!

Ben has spent a lot of time researching magic lands, captivating castles, and wizardry, and we’re proud to unveil his newest piece, Journey through Hogwarts! Ben’s piece intricately stitches together images representing each Harry Potter movie into a dynamic and detailed image that showcases so much of what we love about Ben’s art and Harry’s world. It’s a difficult task to create a print for such a behemoth series, but Ben’s one of the finest art wizards we know, and this image proves it!

Ben’s prints will be available for purchase on Friday (6/14) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,!

To check out the physical lenticular sample, please head on over to our Twitter or IG account!


Journey Through Hogwarts by Ben Harman
Fine art giclee
36 x 16 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 350

Journey Through Hogwarts - Art Print Variant by Ben Harman
Fine art giclee
36 x 16 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 100


Journey Through Hogwarts - Titled Print SET by Ben Harman
Fine art giclee
12 x 36 inches (each)
Matching hand-numbered editions of 100

Journey Through Hogwarts - 3D Lenticular PLEX by Ben Harman
4mm polystyrene
Flip effect
36 x 16 inches
Hand-numbered COA with BNG hologram of authenticity
Limited edition of 275
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@Billy Talent this a set i want. I want the individual poster version but $300 even for 7 posters is a bit much for me at the moment
That looks insane thanks for posting, still butthurt I missed out on the Hogwarts by Olivera which was priced at $100, but this one is incredible! :drool:

I am eyeing that $300 set, so that's a 7 piece lenti posters 12 x 36 inches per poster so thats 84 inches (213cm) in width, that's gonna be one hell of a display.
I got until 8PM my time to decide wether or not to get the $300 version or the 36 inch $150 version....
36 inches 1 individual poster (ES of 275) easier to frame versus 84 inches 7 piece poster (ES of 100) for double the price and need to find a custom display for it.....
They are both gonna sell out for sure, I am leaning more towards 1 piece lenti, it's gonna be a great consolation prize
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Got the single lenticular poster :thanks: , all variants sold out as expected!
Went back and forth between the 7 piece set and the single poster, but saw the single on their twitter and went for it
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@Billy Talent the $300 was a bit too much to swing at the moment. I have some big budget items the next bit of time but I did want it. I've always thought about these multi poster sets; my thoughts are when the posters are the same size i've often considered getting like a spotlight display or the vice press display which you can open and swap prints and just rotate one poster from the set every so often. that way you don't need to frame all the posters or have them all up at one time
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