July NPD - Sony moves 121.8K PS3's

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
The NPD Group has unveiled the latest U.S. hardware figures for the month of July 2009, confirming that Sony managed to sell just north of 121,000 PlayStation 3 consoles during the period.

Surprisingly, PSP ended up as the company’s highest selling console for the month, shifting 122.8K, while PS2 came in last place with approximately 108,000 unit sold during the same period. By comparison, Wii stole the home console crown with just over 252,000 units sold, followed fairly closely by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 at 202.9K.

Overall, hardware figures recorded a whopping 37 percent year-over-year loss. See below for the full roundup, which includes a percentage for year-over-year decreases, courtesy of VG247.

PlayStation 2 - 108K (-30.55%)
PlayStation 3 - 121.8K (-45.84%)
PSP - 122.8K (-44.61%)
Xbox 360 - 202.9K (-0.93%)
Wii - 252.5K (-54.50%)
Nintendo DS - 538.9K (-11.42%)
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Sony on July NPD: 'PS3 is just getting warmed up'

Sony America has responded to the NPD Group’s latest U.S. hardware figures, insisting the company’s flagship platform, PlayStation 3, “is just getting warmed up,” before highlighting the machine’s numerous advantages over its rivals.

Speaking in a statement issued last night, the corporation said, “When you compare all the features against other industry offerings, there is no doubt that the PlayStation 3 provides the most complete entertainment system on the market today – right out of the box.”

“Not only are consumers provided a best-in-class Blu-ray player that comes with 80 GB of storage for photos and music, built-in Wi Fi, and thousands of innovative games that appeal to hardcore gamers and families alike, the PS3 offers future-proof technology and free access to rich and ever-evolving PlayStation Network content and services.”

Despite the company’s unshakable optimism, one cannot deny the impact a solid price cut would have on Sony’s fortunes, with many industry watchers having called for a PS3 price drop over the past few months. In particular, folk are convinced the company plans on making such an announcement at the GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany next week.