Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes - In theaters May 10, 2024

This was really good. I've only just recently rewatched the first 3 and this new one is easily just as good if not better than the best of the 'original' trilogy

I'm absolutely onboard with another 2 of these to see where they take the story next
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There's gonna be no CGI, just everyone in skintight pajamas and plastic balls running around?

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Kind of a standalone story, even though it could serve as a beginning for a new Trilogy, as the ending sets it up to be.
Freya Allan, the human girl, is very beautiful and a capable, determined, interesting character. As for monkeys, excuse me, apes - I'm sorry but I've never liked them, and was always 'species-racist' against them - I'll stand with the humans over here.
I like that the movie shows the dumb monkeys how dumb they are, in comparison to what humans have or had, which is most represented by the look up towards the sky - human girl doing it with hope, main ape doing it with a sense of upcoming danger.