Kingsman: The Secret Service (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Manta Lab Exclusive No. 4) [Hong Kong]


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Release date: March 10, 2017
Purchase links: Full Slip A - Full Slip B - Lenticular - One Click - Pre-order on February 3 at 8 PM (HKT, GMT+8)
Price: $38.99 (Full Slip A or Full Slip B or Lenti) - $155.96 (One Click)
Notes: 2500 numbered copies, for both domestic and international markets. Orders limited to 2 Copies for Single Edition and 1 Set for One Click.
HDN Group Buy: hosted by Aniv

16298867_1282901405153298_2686812020018062175_n.jpg 16266259_1282901401819965_5090072158226925119_n.jpg 16265780_1282902025153236_1193039865573921223_n.jpg 16195508_1282901435153295_1660599155664106368_n.jpg 16174745_1282901321819973_8770947196031108265_n.jpg 16114016_1282901331819972_5827585758419610361_n.jpg
Full Slip A: Numbered 301 to 600
Full Slip B: Numbered 301 to 700
Lenticular Full Slip: Numbered 301 to 900
Lenticular Magnet Quarter Slip (with One Click Only): Numbered 1 to 400
One Click: Numbered 1 to 400


- Full sized Glossy Booklet, Photo Card(5ea), Character Card(7ea) Exclusive Numbering Sticker, Exclusive Release Sticker(Faux Leather with Gold Foil Stamping) + Exclusive Lenticular Sticker + Spec Sheet
5. Effects
- Full Slip A: Spot Glossy + Spot Holofoil + Spot Gold Foil + Embossing
- Full Slip B: Glossy Logo Pattern background + Spot Glossy + Spot Gold Foil + Embossing
- Lenticular Full Slip(PET) - Full Sided Lenticular Full Slip with 3D+Depth and Color changing spine
- Lenticular Magnet Quarter Slip - 3D+Depth Lenticular (Frame Size) + Spot Gold Foil + Glossy + Embossing
- Leather Box - High Quality Faux Leather + Gold Foil Logo Stamping + Black Velvet finish inside + Magnet Door
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Jun 4, 2013
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@Flloydo Exclusive. Title has been fixed. ;)

I was just about to say I swear that said global lol

Hmmmm not sure then. Could be anyone's guess

3. Constantine
4. I reakon could be another drama. Something decent like vanilla sky (would be my dream - get it) or maybe even a sci fi this time


Yo honey-dips, summertime, fine Jheri drippin'
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Jun 4, 2013
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My guess is Seven or Fight Club. Manta confirmed that they were working on those titles. If it's one of those 2, 1 click for me please!

Oh sh*t if it's either of them I'll loose my sh*t

I've wanted a premium fight club for ages (but I've always wanted a Blu collection fight club)

Please be fight club please be fight club please be fight club.
Suppose if it is fight club they are not allowed to talk about it!
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