Komor's Horror collection

Oct 9, 2019
FANTASTIC collection! So many amazingly cool horror slipcovers here. I wish Kristy would be released in Region A.
I have the german release and the italian one with the booklet. The first time I saw the film I didn`t like it but after watching it again it wasn`t going out of my mind, because that subtile horror is some kind of multi-layered and the message of the film is hidden beteween the lines. A shame that there`s no Blu-Ray release for it.
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Oct 9, 2019
Very nice!! Can´t wait to see the rest...
Is that Freaks of Nature a German edition? Thanks
Yes it is the german one and tanks for liking my posts. Maybe I will post my Mediabook collection sometime, but that`s a lot of work.
Oct 9, 2019
Also try these ones These are future paks, that come with lenticular and also have a colored steel corpus. There are not so many of them out there - the most ones are simple black and don`t look good at all.
But these ones are very nice. DOTD with blue corpus and UW with dark violet corpus.
Not my photos

Also have a look on the Darlin` 4K-Steelbook. that is awesome as well.