Waxwork Records Kong: Skull Island - OST by Henry Jackman (Lava Colored Vinyl)


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Jul 6, 2016
happy days. :) i recognise the folly of posting any photos in a thread featuring @moon's stellar work :Snap: :notworthy:, but anyway...
got this a while ago via Zavvi rather than Waxwork, so didn't get the Waxwork top line treatment for postage, but arrived safe enough. only now getting around to looking at it properly.

love the front image. clean lines, unambiguous, great :thumbs::
the rear image makes up for slightly less impact with great detailing:
and as a gatefold it's a simple idea done well:
my only minor gripe is that the 'lava' coloured vinyl is really a dark brown swirl. shame they couldn't get it a bit brighter and, well, more hot lava-like (!). but it's a good package overall:

oh, and the most important bit - it sounds great. definitely worth picking up if you can.