Ladyhawke (1985)


Ilove this film.
This film i have deep in my heart.
I am from a small country in the middle of Europe. From the Czech Republic.
At a time when film was in theaters, our country was under Communist rule.
At this time, In our country was in cinemas a few of the film from "West". Many of them have been banned!!
When I was a small child, this film was the first one that I saw at the cinema. I have wonderful memories.
I love this film !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wont Steelbook!!!

Would you buy in a steelbook?
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Sep 10, 2014
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:thumbs:I remember the film well. I like it. But, as a film composer, I have always been baffled by how the brain trust behind the film allowed such a bizarrely out of place, electronic bombastic pop-techno score to be used. Yes, sometimes anachronistic elements in a film score can work wonderfully (off the top of my head, say Vangelis' score for THE BOUNTY or 1492). But Andrew Powell's score for LADYHAWKE sounds like it belongs in IRON EAGLE!
(Maybe I should do a FanEdit and re-track it with Graeme Revell's unused score from THE 13th WARRIOR!)
Other than that, it's a wonderfully mounted fantasy. And I dearly miss the great fantasy pictures from the '80's like that.(much love to KRULL!)
Nice job on the art! Wasn't there more violet/purple hue to the original one sheet?
I really like your mock ups though. They're fun.:thumbs:
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Yes, "crazy" music. I think, but this music in this the movie is great.
I can not imagine the film without this music! Maybe ... because this movie is my heart :D:D:D

Violet/purple??? You have a true!!! Artistic license! :happy::happy:
There was problem with another colors... I was try many color variants ... In the end. This color win :-D This color looked a nice for me.

KRUL? I liked!!! :drool: Now ... I work on steelbook for KRUL too. But i have problem with posters :mad::mad::mad: