Lake Placid (Blu-ray Slipcover) (Collector's Edition) [USA/Canada]

Got this on pre-order :thumbs:

I love what Shout Factory has been doing :scat:

Ginger Snaps next!!

I can't wait for Ginger Snaps! I hope they acquire the rights for Ginger Snaps 2 and 3, too. :ohno:

I wish they were releasing Leviathan with a slipcover, though. :(
Yeah, it won't be. They're only releasing their "collector's edition" releases with slipcovers. Leviathan is unfortunately just a regular release. :(

Thanks! That is unfortunate :(

Ginger Snaps - 07/22/2014
Phantom Of The Paradise - 08/05/2014
Motel Hell - 08/12/2014
Pumpkinhead -09/08/2014

Keep'em coming! :oohyeah:
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Hell Yeah x2!!! :scat: :scat: :LOL: :oohyeah:

LOL! :p

I'm glad to be getting this, I haven't seen it in years! Fun/Awesome film! :movie:

+1 I haven't seen it in years, myself. Will be fun!! :cool: :movie:

Oliver Platt is awesome! He did a nice job in the recent Fargo series. If you haven't, please watch it!!

Back on topic:

Can not wait for this! Wooooooot! :oohyeah:
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This was my first order directly from SHOUT! Factory rather than ordering through Amazon, and I have to say that I am severely disappointed. The minimalist, cardboard-sandwich, packaging did absolutely nothing to protect the poster or the blu-ray slip.

The poster was so creased, bent, and abused that there was no need to even have included it, it's now in the trash can with the cardboard 'packaging'. The blu-ray slip was crushed on the spine and I was amazed that the amaray case was not damaged considering the condition of the slip.

My only concern is for the damaged blu-ray slip. I have written SHOUT! Factory to see if I could receive a replacement slip for the blu-ray.