Last 4K Blu-ray purchased/watched?


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Apr 12, 2009
Chime in if you've been buying discs!



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You get used to them over the decades :wacky:

Australia has it the worst though. They look like Cigarette cartons with all the gigantic warning and rating logos.
Yeah I have a few of those!
I can (mostly) deal with the UK spines- But those Australian Blu rays with the big rectangular rating on the cover art is an abomination!
It seems like they keep trying to mitigate though.
It seems like the boutique labels started doing some editions with reversible art to get rid of them.
Germany sometimes has a ratings STICKER that can be removed.
(And I have gotten UK steelbooks with removable stickers as well).
I think the sticker idea is the best solution. (As long as they are REMOVEABLE stickers- not the stuff that would tear the cover or the spine)
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