Last Blu-ray Special Edition/Displays purchased - post pics!


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Apr 12, 2009
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Simply post some pics of any cool, or OOP print sets you own, with figurines, limited ed packaging, any special shelving you have, or just how you have them displayed.

A separate thread for posting general pics of your Blu-Ray collection will be added to the general Blu-Ray movie area.

This is the "I am bragging about my Special/Limited Editions" thread ;)

Enjoy! :oohyeah:
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Jun 22, 2017
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@Mark Wilson on your big photo there is VHS of Mallboro Man? Or is it some kind of edition that is imitating it?
Good eyes @galareta2332. It's a genuine promotional VHS given to me by a friend. His mum used to run a small video store and she'd get promotional videos sent to her. He recently found it in his attic when we were up there looking for his old SNES games.

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