Last Blu-ray Special Edition/Displays purchased - post pics!


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Apr 12, 2009
Simply post some pics of any cool, or OOP print sets you own, with figurines, limited ed packaging, any special shelving you have, or just how you have them displayed.

A separate thread for posting general pics of your Blu-Ray collection will be added to the general Blu-Ray movie area.

This is the "I am bragging about my Special/Limited Editions" thread ;)

Enjoy! :oohyeah:
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Nice find! I love mine, it's really too bad that the NEO cases never panned out as I would have completely jumped on board with them. There extremely colorful and vibrant. :)
I never liked any of the steels released for Gravity (either cos some had that ugly 3D plastered on the front or poor finish and/or artwork), this was more to my liking. :)
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