Last Blu-ray Special Edition/Displays purchased - post pics!


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Apr 12, 2009
Simply post some pics of any cool, or OOP print sets you own, with figurines, limited ed packaging, any special shelving you have, or just how you have them displayed.

A separate thread for posting general pics of your Blu-Ray collection will be added to the general Blu-Ray movie area.

This is the "I am bragging about my Special/Limited Editions" thread ;)

Enjoy! :oohyeah:
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Apr 1, 2013
Twenty+ years ago Fight Club was released. One year before the end of millennium. It was the era when DVD format was more and more gaining on popularity due to its crystal clear picture at that time. Fight Club is perfect title for checking how the physical media editions evolved. Let’s check my new physical media evolution section;)

First in the row is amazing VHS edition from Russia, that was recorded with laser (on the tape). This technology was the last attempt to hold VHS from dying. Oversized box teases with something exceptional and its true. This edition was made from quality materials and as we can see (after 20 years) still looks solid and nice.

Next in line is well known UK digipack that was perfect edition for its time with heavy packed special features. It was re-released few times but only in normal plastic case, that’s why this first press digipack has special place in my heart. Great artworks and eco-feel paper booklet are strong point of this set. Strong is also the glue under plastic casings, as they stick without any problems to this date (some mediabooks in my collection after 2-3 years tend to detach or move towards the gravity).

When era of steelbooks arrived into collectors world, there were many interesting editions. I don’t have all of them, the one was enough to keep up with new documentaries in bonus section. So the third edition is from Poland with short j-card. Mate finish was not the best idea, to tell the truth, but the art is great and it is in line with movie theme. Enough said, lets go to the next.

For a long time there was no premium edition of Fight Club...until 2018 when two retailers thought its good idea to pull the same title in the same time. It reminds me Armageddon vs. Deep Impact showdown when two companies are trying to divide their fans. In this case it was Manta Lab & Black Barons (FilmArena spin-off). Both editions gave me headache. Manta had very good start with showing early steelbook art that was perfect. However the project was not green-lighted and they had to change it for...brownish mistake. Steelbook was huge disappointment and probably it was main reason I shifted for Black Barons edition.

Manta had offered 3 version with same crappy steel, with over-photoshoped full slip, boring lenticular and double lenticular edition that was copy-paste of old steelbook concept art. Double Lenti was nice and probably best edition (as I think of today) but due to earlier reason and price difference I finally went for Czech edition. It’s worth to mention that Manta's one-click box was amazing, and if not the fact that there were 3 bad steelbooks, and 2 out of 3 worth slips I would go for it without any doubt.

Black Barons attempt with WWA steelbook presented in the video has also elements that could be done differently. Packing is great - glossy full slip and minimalistic art are nice in hand but the steelbook is way too psychedelic and not keeping the movie atmosphere and vibe. I like it but as a part of the set it looks like part of some different acid exclusive line.

For the past years there were interesting editions but still there was lack of really cool set. I would love to see some kind of mixture of Manta Lab’s one click box with execution on the level of Psycho Legacy Box Set or Game of Thrones Complete Collection. Something unique and cool with the soap and bubbles:) See you with the new video!

:scat: I’ve never seen that Russian VHS edition before - that’s just gorgeous! I now have a hole on my Fight Club shelf reserved for one of I can ever find it!
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Nov 4, 2013
:scat: I’ve never seen that Russian VHS edition before - that’s just gorgeous! I now have a hole on my Fight Club shelf reserved for one of I can ever find it!
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Whoow, you have very nice Collection. Vhs edition maybe hard to find it right now, however it was normalna release in Russia without any limit. The company there wanted to show-off with their releases and it was lets say their thing to produced films in this boxes.
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