Last Boy Scout Steelbook

Dec 11, 2013
I have made my own custom Steelbook. It is more a Sticker-Book but maybe you like it.
There are two Slipcovers, the Steelbook with Lenticularcover, Limitationcard, Booklet and Photos.
( language is german but a picture/video can say more than thousand words ):

I have taken a Steelbook with an embossing Frame ( in this case "Last Stand" with Schwarzenegger, it was cheap here: 8€ ), sprayed it black and make the Lenticularartwork with Photoshop. The Lenticularcvoer i have ordered from USA and put selfadhesive magnetfilm on it.
The Backartwork is made with on selfadhesive Photopaper ( just like a sticker )
The Inside Artwork is made like you can see on many Tutorials or Videos.
The Limitationcard i have ordered from the Internet. There are many firms that offers customized cards.
As Booklet i have take the original printed pressinformation, the photos are the original pressphotos.
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