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LOL-actually you know what's funny-we have PS3 games, but we're awful at them. I tried to play Aliens Vs. Predator, and I kept running into the walls. My partner was like "Where are you going???" LOL. Now give me the NES Rad Racer or Contra, and you'll go up in smoke! :hilarious:

Edit-she was an Olympic qualifier in shooting and loves the FPS. Random question-does the Gun that comes with Time Crisis work on other games? (See, go ahead laugh your ass off-I have no idea, :joy:!)
same with me Socom 4, and DB ... no it doesnt, however there is a playstation Move much like wii and it has an add on called the Sharpshooter and it works as a gun ... there is also a move/sharpshooter compatible time crisis game now.

if you look into this, buy the Socom Special edition pack, its like $150 but comes with Socom 4, the sharpshooter and everything u need for the Move. For that price, its like you get Socom 4 for free, soooo you could easily sell that as its a new game too and that time crisis game is like 39.99 at wal-mart (maybe amz too) compared ot the normal price of games 59.99

just something to look into if she wants to upgrade etc.

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tho yall might like Socom 4 :)
Thanks Wreck! Yeah wasn't sure if there was a regular Ps3 gun accessory that could be used across games. We have
Time Crisis already but she loves stuff like Terminator Salvation at movie theater arcadw machine. Just wants to blow **** up while walking forward lol

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I've been slowly getting back to Fable 2, since I haven't finished it yet. I have Fable 3 on stand by as well :p. I'll probably pop in Gears of War 2 as well just to go through it once again.
I'm still finishing Halo Reach on Legendary ATM...and I need to finish the first Dragon Age, but I haven't gotten to it in a LONG while...
Socom 4, finished the sp., before that Portal 2 and Crisis 2. Portal was good and Crisis wasn't.

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In Crisis I only finished like 3 missions so maybe it gets better but I couldnt get in to it.