Last Looks - In theaters February 2022


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Dec 28, 2012
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Title: Last Looks (2021)

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller

Director: Tim Kirkby

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Mel Gibson, Morena Baccarin, Clancy Brown, Rupert Friend, Lucy Fry, Dominic Monaghan, Jacob Scipio, Paul Ben-Victor, Method Man

Release: 2021-12-02

Runtime: 111

Plot: A disgraced ex-cop seeks solace by moving to the woods, but his quiet life comes to an end when a private eye recruits him to investigate the murder of an eccentric TV star's wife.


Lenny Nero

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Watched it, wasn't half bad. Even though I love Mel Gibson, his latest appearances weren't in very good movies - not quite like the 'fall from grace' of Nic Cage, or, especially, abysmal crap Bruce Willis churns out, but still. Not sure what to blame, the vengeful 'Jewish community', or just regular age (who am I kidding with that choice), but his career has taken a dive. Last two films I really liked came out after 'the incident' (gotta go the 'Voldermort route', i.e. "who-must-not-be-named" because of how cancel-culture works now), Edge of Darkness and Get the Gringo, but I believe they were 'in the pipeline' already, judging by how long everything usually takes.
Lately it's just small, secondary roles (haven't seen Fatman yet), including this one. He just has 4-5 short scenes, while 90% of the time we're looking at Charlie Hunnam, who's not the worst actor, I liked him in The Gentlemen.
If anyone's thinking of this movie because of Morena Baccarin, she's barely in it, just 2 tiny scenes at the beginning and end, although don't know what the big deal with her might be, never liked her in Firefly either.
The movie tries hard to be quirky and light, while dealing with intertwined stories and an eclectic collection of characters, being set and filmed in Los Angeles, but it's not Get Shorty, and the cast is even farther from that, or their talent and charisma.
It does, overall, resemble movies of times past, there's no moralizing, or political and social 'commentary' going on, no 'woke' influence, and it's an original script without prior IP attached to it (besides the novel its own writer redone into a script) and therefore is recommended as a one-time view for the detective story and good performances by Hunnam, Rupert Friend, and what little there is of Gibson. Especially for the people that say "why don't they make movies like they used to..."
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