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I know we have the newly acquired thread, but with the cost of framing these bad boys it can take some time to get these framed. So, I thought I would start a thread to show what's the latest Posters & Art you've gotten framed and how you proudly display it.


Here are the latest I just got back. Note, the wife wants to paint first, so the "how you proudly display it" is not valid in these pics. ;)

Primus "Bass Concert Hall ATX 11/7/12" (Todd Slater) Wife and I went to this show last year. We plan on getting a shadow frame for the ticket stub to go underneath.

Django Unchained (205/250) (Mark Englert) - Gallery1988 "2013 Oscar"

The City of Lost Children (Variant) (Sig 04/70) (Ken Taylor) - Mondo

Transformers "Oversized Version" (Sig 162/225) (Tim Doyle) This actually turned into a gift for my brother in-law. Nice gift. ;)

Finally was able to pick these up from the gallery:

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Sep 20, 2010
My latest. Most of my frames are black but for this one I've decided to keep the Oak untouched. But @Wreck @mllNY @Jason Bourne and everyone else. I did all the work but I'm not a 100% satisfied with this so I really need your advise and your recomendations are welcome. PLEASE! I saw many of your framed works and they're impresive.
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lol two years later we are critiquing the framing. The wood look clashes witht he poster and doesn't add of enhance anything in my opinion; the mats are fine. I tend to like darker frames so I would go black but a white frame might work as well
haha yeah, but after my post i realized he also hasnt been on the site in close to a year. :p