LCD clouding/headlights


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Feb 7, 2009
Arizona U.S.A.
Who here has an LCD with noticeable clouding/headlights? I have 2 LCD tv's. One has the clouding/headlights and the other really doesn't. It's starting to bother me a little bit more lately. I bought the tv in December. How bad does it have to be to be able to return the tv for a replacement?

Do most people have this?

Any suggestions appreciated.
clouding/headlights is when you have backlight issues... in some LCDs you'll notice the edges are darker and the middle is brighter hence "clouding"

mines the opposite, the edges are brighter and the center is darker, haha... it's not really that noticeable though.
Ya. I went through 3 Samsungs that got worse and worse with that and they replaced the screens out 2 times. Samung finally just gave us our money back. The tech who did it said that it's pressure on the screen that causes it, like screws being to tight and such. It's one of the reasons I hate LCD's. It came from the corner to the middle of the screen. It was horrible.
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