Jan 30, 2009
Nice tunes man, sounds good man and i like the beats

I think grime is taking 2 different directions at the momment...you got the commercial stuff tincy, wiley and lethal and stuff like that and then you got underround. As long as you dont like n-dubz thats cool :D
Jan 29, 2009
Yeah I think there's 10 songs there never really paid attention :emb: I like them all but my favs are #3 poin' up the drink and bad guys #7(I think) which ones are yours?

My CD would be #1, #4 (clicking sticks), #7, I'll have to get it out of my car and get the actual tracks and names. I'm trying to go off of memory... not going to well.
Actually I sent Bighorns one of the albums, what I sent you and thunda was mix burned cd I made real quick, and the only same thing on there I think is Bad Guys .... which btw horns, you got that disc too its the "other" one where it was a burned cd.