Slipbox Little Women (2019) (Possible Blu-ray Slipbox) (Plain Archive Exclusive) [Korea]

This looks really nice, never seen this show but that looks appealing enough to do a blind buy, plus with PA at least you know it's gona look amazing.

English translation:
''art director Ryu Seong-hee's first drama participation, is a work that attracted attention with captivating visuals in each episode, showing an unprecedented level of interior and prop art detail in Korean TV dramas. (This is also the reason why we decided to switch to 4K/Dolby Ratio while preparing Blu-ray.)

Among the many art details that fill all 12 episodes, the 'doll house' that particularly captivated us is one of the most important props in the work, which is also emphasized in the opening animation sequence, and is basically in the form of a box, so it is included in the Blu-ray box set. was adopted as a concept.

Artist Soman, who collaborated on this package design, expressed the details of the walls, floors, and ceilings of each room in the dollhouse with unique, delicate lines and dots. All of this was drawn by hand rather than digitally, and was used in the design through drum scanning at maximum resolution to ensure that even the smallest ink lines were not missed.
In the Blu-ray box package, a total of 7 rooms, including the attic, were dug out to a depth of 2cm so that partitions, ceilings, and floors were actually present, in order to maximize three-dimensional details like the dollhouse in the drama. Although it is not reflected in the mock-up image currently visible, the details of each room are included. Even the miniature furniture will be made as pop-up elements in the form of paper art and attached by hand.

When the magnetic cover of the box package is closed, the exterior facade of the building is overlaid, which is intended to add mystery and tension before opening the secret dollhouse.''
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