Livearthpeace GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Collection


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Aug 11, 2013
Appreciate the time you are taking to check out my Hot Toys displays! :happy: Please leave a THANKS!
"HDN, We Are Groot!"
GOTG Hot Toys.jpg

Drax and Baby Groot Dancing
Drax  & Dancing Groot.jpg

Star Lord Busting A Move!

Star Lord Celebration.jpg

Michael Rooker Autograph
Michael Rooker Autograph.jpg

Michael Rooker at Wizard World 2015 Chicago
Michael Rooker @ Wizard World.jpg

Walking Tree and Ranger Rick!
Walking Tree & Ranger Rick.jpg

Rocket & Baby Groot

Dynamic Duo
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Front Cover GOGT Steelbook
Front Cover of GOTG Steel.jpg

Front Outside Cover of GOGT Steelbook
Full Outside Cover of GOTG Steel.jpg

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