Lord Of The Rings Hype Thread


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Jan 26, 2009
Well, just announced on the main page here and priced at $69.99 ... seems a little too good to be true on the pricing as you know we will be able to get it a tad cheaper than that with promotions and what not.

I wonder if there is going to be 2 different box sets released where the other has most stuff and cost more ... :cool:

Which was your favorite movie of the three?

Mine was part 2.
Lord Of The Rings is alright....i wasn't the biggest fan but i some how end up going to each of the new series at the Theater of it..

now thinking of it,should be a good one,they really gotta make a new one so the hype will be there...i'm sure they are coming out with a new one in 2012 called the Hobbit....don't know how that will do.
Sucks it's only the Theatrical versions for now. I guess since I'm "Mr. Money Bags" I'll get this one & then RE-BUY the EE ones later. :cool:
I generally don't care for fantasy films but I did enjoy the LOTR series, save for the first 40 minutes or so of part 1. My wife and kids OTOH have watched the EE versions so many times I know they'll much prefer waiting for them on BD, than for us to get the TC's.
i already double dipped on with the DVD's i think ill wait till the EE comes out. Even tho I would love to have them sooner lol
I think a lot of the extended scenes add to the story. Return of the King turns out to be like a 4 hour movie with the extended scenes