Hub LOTTERY ONLY - John Wick 1 & 2 (Gamestop Exclusive) (Mini Steelbook) [USA]

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Hello folks! At this point it looks like I can guarantee at least 20 lottery spots.

I'm hoping for more but won't know for sure for a while longer.

Here are the details.

1) These mini steelbooks will be offered at cost.

2) What COST includes.
a) Price of the steelbook at Gamestop.
b) Local taxes paid at the state it was purchased in.
c) Cost of shipping to me, depending on who sent it and where it was sent from will factor in.
d) Plan on at least $21-$23 each

3) Cost does NOT include shipping to you.
a) Shipping to USA locations will be First Class Mail, tracked in a box.
b) International shipping to any locations can be combined with existing group buy purchases from me.
c) If you are not part of an existing group buy, note that shipping does vary by location but shipping to most countries will be around $30!

4) A strict 1 copy limit per member! IF YOU HAVE SOURCED A COPY FROM ANOTHER MEMBER DO NOT JOIN THE LOTTERY. I will be checking with the folks that have stated they already helped people here. The goal is to help more members, so please don't join if you already have one incoming.

YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING if you have already bought from somewhere else.

5) I will not accept offers via PM to save you a spot, or secure a copy at a higher price.

There will be no markup or compensation for my time or work, I'm volunteering this effort.

I will suggest that you send an (optional) tip to the member who sourced your copy. I'll let you know who that is, and who you can thank at time of purchase.

IF THIS WORKS FOR YOU, please reply to this thread WITH ONE POST ONLY, asking to be entered into the lottery.

When I have received all copies, this lottery will be closed and the winners awarded.


One example photo from a member here -
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