Ltd time discount-Monsters 2 Limited Edition Steelbook

May 1, 2015


The Helpful Fox
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Oct 13, 2013
UK portsmouth
Considering this only came out recently seems a very quick discount, not selling so well eh? Well it was an odd choice for steelbook you should have done Divergent to match first :(

well rakuten has 992 left and ebay they stuck up 20 so a thousand roundabouts, personally don't see the discount myself just anyone can buy and could do so to anybody. and £3 off isn't saving of the century :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
amazing how this is now pushed as a super saving tbh should have just been put in the correct relevant thread and if people want it they pick the info up there they could or is that not just common sense :rolleyes:

basil :thumbs: