Slipbox Lust, Caution (Blu-ray Slipbox) (Nova Limited Edition) [Korea]

Feb 21, 2017
Release date: July 17, 2020
Purchase link: TBA (Pre-order July 3)
Price: $28.99 (Full Slip) - $30.99 (Lenti)
Note: Includes 6 post cards + 4 character cards

105645007_2512878942149196_8810016452976762531_o.jpg 104497315_2512878735482550_6323726589856033696_o.jpg
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Real Steel

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Oct 15, 2012
This is a surprise and is bad timing actually. July is already flooded with releases. It is also quite unnecessary as the PQ of the standard release is already very good, with disc space max-out. But would still be good if a new release could offer bit rate in the high thirties approaching 40 mbps typical of Korean and Japanese releases, especially for this movie. However, there are two new featurettes - press conference and 'Prudence and Desire', whatever that is, totalling 39 min sharing the same 50 gb disc space. I can only assume that this is at the expense of the main feature. That would be very unfortunate. Nova should have dedicated one disc fully to the movie and place all the featurettes on a second disc.


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Nov 13, 2017
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Heh, just happened to notice, the FS for this film and the FAC FS for Allied are quite similar in design and both are similar in story theme design as well.
Glad I'm getting both. :happy: