Mad Max - High Octane Collection (Amazon.De Exclusive) [Germany]

Jul 3, 2012
Release date: December 6, 2016
Purchase link: Amazon DE
Price: 49.99


Contains more than 4 hours of new bonus material:

Executor documentary: ROAD WAS -In the continuation of the post-apocalyptic classic drives the team epic effort to create a timeless action movie (about 30 minutes)

Thunderdome documentary: the cast and crew endured the memorable filming of "Beyond Thunderdome" 50 ° C heat and massive sandstorms (about 45 minutes)

Fury Road Doku: GOING MAD - The incredible, improbable, but not entirely impossible battle for the rotation to Fury Road. (About 60 minutes)

Fury Road "Black and Chrome" Edition - The surreal black and white film version of Fury Road of the brilliant George Miller (approximately 120 minutes)

Also includes the previously released documentary about Mad Max (1979): "Madness of Max" (157 minutes) on DVD
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