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Aug 6, 2014

ME#1 - Man of Steel
ME#2 - The Revenant
ME#3 - Constantine
ME#4 - Kingsman
ME#5 - Walter Mitty
ME#6 - Fight Club
ME#7 - La La Land
ME#8 - Logan
ME#9 - Fantasic Beasts
ME#10 - Alien Covenant
ME#11 - Wonder Woman
ME#12 - Ex Machina
ME#13 - Planet of the Apes
ME#14 - Se7en
ME#15 - Justice League
ME#16 - ?
ME#17 - Ready Player One
ME#18 - Shape of Water
ME#19 - Greatest Showman
ME#20 - Deadpool 2
ME#21 - First Man
ME#22 - ?
ME#23 - Inglorious Basterds
ME#24 - Aquaman
ME#25 - A Star is Born
ME#26 - ?
ME#27 - Shazam
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Mar 7, 2019
I posted this in the Kingsman: The Golden Circle thread but thought I'd post it here too!

I asked John yesterday about whether the Disney/ Fox merger would cause more problems or issues for their Fox releases going forward and this was the response

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So looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for Kingsman if it does get approved
Feb 8, 2018
How is their customer service? Received a damaged order today, first order I had a problem with and was just wondering what I can expect from them...
Their customer service is second to none as @dchamp444 has rightly pointed out.

I received my copy of First Man which had some light scratches on the steelbook, the slip and extras are fine. I contacted Manta and they arranged a replacement copy to be sent with my next order no questions asked. Superb service.
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Jun 15, 2017
So pleased they have stated they will be doing Joker in their 4th anniversary update!!!!!!!! YES!


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1. No releases for 2 months.
This year has been a quite hectic one for me and our market due to two main reasons. One of our major partners has exited the business and the projects we wanted to work on have been all delayed because of this. We expect to see the restoration in balance by the end of the year and hope that we can continue working on the best release for our customers. Our second reasons is because of the merger between Fox and Disney. Due to the merger, we have lost the access to the Fox's products and until we get a green light from company, we won't be able to handle any of the Fox products.

2. What's in the oven?
At the moment, we are baking below releases for the end of this year and early next year.
1. Us
2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
3. Ad Astra
4. Joker
5. Scarface
Above list is a somewhat confirmed list of releases we aim to start pre-ordering from November to early next year.

3. 4th Anniversary
I can't believe that we are approaching our 4th anniversary with this company. Last year's anniversary wasn't really well prepared and we've moved the sales to February where things are quieter for us but this year we plan to bring our Anniversary promotions and sales in December. We are cooking some interesting and beneficial promotions for our customers so please give us little more time to announce the event.

4. How are things in the company?
As I've said previously, I've been getting a lot of emails from our customers whether if we were out of business only after 2 months of no release from us. I thought everyone was OK with some break with collecting for 2 months but this really enlightens me to work faster and release more products in the future

:). Everyone in the company is doing OK as always and despite the difficulties internally and externally with the country and the company, we are holding our grounds and working our best to produce what our customer want with our products. Thank you very much for all the interest and emails. They really gave me a reason to post some update to remind our customers that we are still around!

5. Future releases other than what's mentioned in 2.
For 2020, we don't know how things will change with the studios but I expect things to be quite similar as 2018 or 2019. We will probably have between 7-8 releases and we will continue our DC lines and movies that we loved from the past and current. We've been not really posting much updates other than product infos because things have been quite slow around here with the approval and designing but we will try our best to speed up things for you guys.
Thank you very much for all the interest and our support line is always open for you guys, just drop an email anytime if you have questions or just simply say hi, there should be someone to reply back to you every time.
I will post more updates with Us and 4th Anniversary sale soon and thanks again for your support.

Best regards,