Marvel vs Capcom 2 for PSN CONFIRMED plus Exclusive Demo!!!

Feb 13, 2009
speculation for the title is as crazy as ever! first the ESRB leaked it through their site, and now capcom themselves is teasing it. with a countdown is the teaser site (at least it is believed it is)

Take u 4 a Ride (dot) com ... the annoying character selection theme

giant 2 in the background of the site...

capcom unity embedded in the sites HTML code? nice...

check back in a few days when the counter is done and capcom announces the date for MvC2. enjoy fellas.
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i thought it was posted already. do you even have a Monster hunter unite thread?! jeezus.

oh and i will not get my butt beaten in this game thank you very much... if you want a challenge my screen name is my PSN name. when this is released look for me standing over your body.:)
been playing mine sans my arcade stick (its a shame i tell you!)

and bring it!


the one in between is always a surprise. is it cammy? jill? psylocke? ironman? magneto? oh the choices.
lol I haven't played the game in like 4 years. I used to hate going over to Garden Grove to play tournies and some dude would catch me off guard and stupid infinite would just kill me.

Seen dudes destroy opponent and opponent with Thanos/Sentinel/that one big black monster (can't remember the name)

my favorites are Iron Man, Cable, Dr. Doom, Spidey, Wolverine and Magneto :)
blackheart is who you are thinking.

spidey can be crazy but my eye is always out for magneto, he is very unfair when the user knows how to well...use him.
blackheart is who you are thinking.

spidey can be crazy but my eye is always out for magneto, he is very unfair when the user knows how to well...use him.

YES! it's stupid hard to get out of his damn combos!!

Ever seen someone dominate with that octopus looking fella?

Ps: Yes Blackheart who I was thinking about!
Guys, brace yourselves, because this news is pretty damn epic. Have you been pissed off beyond belief at the eBay prices for a copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for either the PS2 or Xbox? Have you scoured game stores all around your area in hopes of finding a copy? Let alone finding a copy that's in decent shape? Have you maybe considered just jacking the unused arcade cab at your local pizza place? If you've answered yes to any of those, well, dammit there is relief.

The folks over at TheGameReviews publish a little column they like to call "Rumor Killers" and in it, they predict the likelihood of a rumor as being plausible or not. One recent rumor to have hit the net is that Capcom is planning a downloadable release for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the PlayStation Network and XBLA. The rumor started when MvsC2 was recently rated by the ESRB for the PS3 and X360, if you recall we brought you that story last October of 2008. As if that wasn't confirmation enough, a whole list of achievements appeared on, tallying a total of 200 points, and none of which seem suspicious or fake.

Then, people spotted online retailer taking pre-orders for a Marvel vs. Capcom Tournament Edition arcade stick for the X360, which has since been pulled. Hmmm, seems like someone's hiding something? Now here's where T.G.R. did a little digging of their own, a teaser site has recently popped up called, now the logical guess is that it means "Take You For a Ride". T.G.R. did not mention this, but the significance behind "Take You For a Ride" is that it's the name of the character select song in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. And if you visit the site, you can clearly see a countdown with large "2" in the background, although not in the same font/style as that of MvsC2's slanted "2".

The countdown will expire next Monday, which marks the end of the media embargo for Capcom's Captivate '09 Gamers Day. But wait, there's more. If you needed further proof, the domain name is registered to Capcom, and transfers data from Capcom themselves. Furthermore, and this is the nail in the coffin, T.G.R.'s digging reveals this domain:, where you can see the game's initials written out plain as day.

There is absolutely no doubt left anymore, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is headed to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. I do have to wonder, if Capcom has made such a big fuss about keeping this game so under wraps, is it more than just a straight port? After the trouble Capcom had with getting Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD up and running properly, we doubt they'd want to go through the hassle with the massive roster of fighters in MvsC2.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Revealed, Demo Exclusive to PSN!

This Thursday, April 30, PlayStation Network users will enjoy a free, exclusive MVC2 demo! No need to purchase another game, just download it straight to your PS3 and get ready for some triple tag team action (A big thank you goes out to Rommel Hernandez who helped make this exclusive demo possible). Here are the details of the demo:
* Two-player local matches
* Six available characters – Ryu, Chun-Li, Strider, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine
* Seven selectable environments
* Upscaled 1080p graphics
* Widescreen or 4:3 aspect ratio
* Two graphic filter options for character sprites
* And other cool options to check out


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One of the most celebrated fighting games in history is coming back for another round! Check out the first teaser trailer, art and details for "Marvel vs. Capcom 2"!

Nine years after taking the arcade gaming scene by storm and over six years after making its original home console debut, "Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes" returns! Slated to hit Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade and PS3's PSN, expect the same fast, furious and fantastic gameplay you loved with even more awesome online head-to-head action!

Watch the teaser trailer below and look for more information in the coming months, right here on
Week of June 29 Release Date?

In reporting its Q1 2009 financial results, Marvel Entertainment has revealed a short release schedule for its upcoming licensed products, including those that require the frantic mashing of buttons. Though the dates are noted as being subject to change, the fine purveyors of POW! indicate that Capcom's PSN and Xbox Live Arcade release of cross-company brawler, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, is currently set for release on June 29, 2009.

June 29th falls on a Monday, and since neither Xbox Live Monday nor PSN Monday exist, one may speculate that the game may be due sometime during the week of the 29th. Joystiq asked Capcom for further information, though suspect that they'll receive little more than a 768-hit combo of non-commentary.


marvel financial results:

if its the week of the 29th, that means July 3rd
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Capcom and game developer Foundation 9 are getting ready to release Marvel VS Capcom 2. The classic 2D fighting game is scheduled for a Summer 2009 release on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade for $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points). Here's the latest on Marvel VS Capcom 2, from Capcom:

"Marvel VS Capcom 2 features the biggest roster of challengers to ever square off in a Capcom fighting game, a total of 56 combined brawlers from both the Capcom and Marvel universes. From the world of Capcom comes characters such as Ryu from the Street Fighter® series, Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil® games and unofficial company mascot Mega Man®. Marvel is represented by some of its biggest names, including the Invincible Iron Man, Captain America, the Sentinel of Liberty, and War Machine, Weapon of S.H.I.E.L.D. Players can mix and match from both worlds in order to create their own ideal three man/woman/robot/monster team-up.

Marvel VS Capcom 2 is designed to be a gateway for new players to experience the fun of fighting games while providing a deep system for hardcore fighting fans to dig into. Action is based around colorful, exaggerated attacks that include gigantic projectile attacks (such as Ryu’s fireball or Dr. Doom’s Plasma Beam) and high-flying aerial moves (like Spider-Man’s Maximum Spider or Cammy’s Killer Bee Attack). The controls are somewhat simplified from the classic six-button system at the heart of Capcom games like Street Fighter® IV, utilizing a four-button control scheme for the action, with two “assist” buttons that pull in your team members for additional support.

Due to the amazing combination of Marvel and Capcom characters and the game’s celebrated fighting system and graphics, MvC2 has been a hotly sought-after title on the game collector’s circuit. Previously owned copies for older game consoles have been demanding more than $100 in auctions and at specialty video game outlets. Now players who have been desperately searching out used copies of the game will be able to go hands-on and play online with the same great online experience from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Additionally, Capcom has added an optional advanced visual filter that improves the overall appearance of the game and added online modes, including Ranked Matches and the popular Player “Quarter” Match, that allows up to four people to watch and chat while two others are battling it out."

Features of Marvel VS Capcom 2 include:
- Over 50 characters from the Marvel and Capcom Universes!
- 3 on 3 tag-team matches
- New online matching mode, including Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix’s “Quarter Match” mode ; enjoy the arcade experience from your console
- New optional visual filter smoothes out the game’s graphics
- Four button controls introduce new players to fighting games; compatible with the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV joysticks and Fight Pad
- Available for the first time via digital distribution on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network

From Capcom
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 getting PS3 retail box?

PlayStation 3 owners wishing to purchase the downloadable Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 may have the option of buying a boxed edition of the game, complete with an eight-page manual, one month of free access to Marvel Digital Comics, and 2,000 Capcom-Unity points, among other treats. A new GameStop listing shows that the Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Retail Pack is set for release on August 13 for $19.99 USD -- that?s $5 more than the cost of the regular game.

Of course, like other boxed releases for downloads, the package will not include a game disc; rather, you?ll get a redemption code to get the title online. The package will also include a nifty DVD case with sleeve, and a data disc containing exclusive artwork (wallpapers, icons, character and content art), four trailers and screenshots. GameStop has not provided an image of the retail box yet.

Since Capcom did not comment on the retail box release, we are keeping this news as a rumor, but it?s not unlikely that we?ll see a retail boxed version of the game at some point.

There does not appear to be an Xbox 360 version of the retail box, so this could be a PS3 exclusive.
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