4K UHD Matrix Trilogy (4K + Blu-ray + Digital) [USA]

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Release date: October 30, 2018
Purchase links: Amazon - Best Buy - Walmart
Price: $59.85 $54.99 (Amazon) - $59.99 $54.99 (Best Buy) - $60.69 $59.96 (Walmart)

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Gotta think the Matrix will be a rehash of the same artwork done in Germany earlier in the year.

So I don't have a lot of hope for the rest of the titles.

Wish they prove me wrong though...
I'm kinda hoping they use the new 4K amaray art on these. You're probably right though... they'll most likely just rehash old art. Still, fingers crossed!


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Apr 1, 2018
There are now separate listings on BB for each individual movie listed as steelbook, but their price are 32.99 each. The individual listings of 27.99 are still there with no mention of steelbook, so there may be 2 versions. The trilogy set doesn't say anything about steelbook yet.


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Mar 12, 2018
I'm hoping for a spoonless and rabbitless steel. That's not too much to ask, is it?