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Jun 18, 2015
Steeltopia :D
Hi guys,

Here is my modest FilmArena collection, mostly FACs with a few normal releases. I am slowly adding to this and still want to get some back catalogue titles such as Ex_Machina and Terminator. I currently have a few on pre-order on GBs here such as FF4, Black Mass, Sabotage, Dredd and hopefully The Last Stand :thumbs:

Enjoy and please like!! I would love to get an award at some point :p:angel:



Just wanted to add a pic of these on the shelf with the rest of my collection which I have highlighted and try and keep all together depending on the retailer but there are a few Kimchi's dotted around :LOL:

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Jul 30, 2013
Jun 18, 2015
Steeltopia :D
Wow that's the motherload there, great haul. You going for Warcraft as well?
Yea absolutly without a doubt going for the boxset!

Wicked collection mate, I bet you don't get it in the ear hole from the wife do you?!
Yea I do :facepalm: Thing is she has her own vices as well like handbags. So one of her handbags is worth my entire collection so I have justification :thumbs:
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