Multi Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Amazon Exclusive) [Germany]

May 20, 2012
Nice Shinkawa art. Looks like it is exclusive (for now at least?)

Nov 10, 2012
does anybody actually use their steelbooks? like put the games and manuals inside?..and just carelessly toss them around like the standard case?


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I don't know much about this steelbook, but I visited a small gaming shop in town today and the guy had a box full (all sealed and dent free as far as I could tell) of them which he was selling for £1 each! Unfortunately I'd just spent most of my money on a new pair of glasses though, so only had 3 quid left over to buy three copies (they've already been "claimed" by friends fyi). If he still has some in stock next week, then I'll hopefully be able to buy the lot for giveaways here if people are interested. ;)


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Turns out I've actually got to go back to the opticians today, so I'll pop in to the game shop afterwards and hopefully buy whatever's left over. :thumbs:

UPDATE: Damn shop is closed on a Wednesday. :(
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