Miracle At St Anna Discuss Thread

Anyone seen this? I first day bought it ... Damn, lots of people are giving this a bad wrap ... I thought the movie was pretty damn good. Def. worth the purchase.

I will admit the preview is so BAD ASS that it leads you to think its going to be some thriller of a movie ... where its not that, but it is an awesome movie and shows a different side of the war then ever seen before.
I wouldnt wait for price to come down, unless your buying it for like $22 and under. I bought mine at BB for 19.99 with a $10 reward cert I needed to use.

From the previews it shows a guy who works at a postal office shot a patron stone cold dead in the face ... they show how they visit the guys house and find a rare sculpture head from italy worth millions ...

The movie, a brief description without any spoilers ... is that it then flashes back to an army division comprised of all black soldiers ... and theres alot of propaganda about the blacks fighting the american war where they arent even accepted back home ... so yes there is soem racism in the movie but is not overdone like many movies before ... its more so about what happens at st anna ... and this one soldier had that statue with him from the beginning of the movie and he tugs it along like its his good luck charm to stay alive ... he ends up saving an injured kid and thus the story begins of keeping the kid safe and they end up in an italian town surrounded by nazis but were unseen ... so they are kinda stuck there for the time being ... never the less, good flick.

its got war, tits, and a pretty good conclusion ... I liked it. :)