Monster Hunter (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (WeET Collection No. 22) [Korea]

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Aug 25, 2011
Hong Kong
Release date: May 25, 2021
Purchase links: Full Slip - Lenti - One Click
Price: $48.99 (Full Slip or Lenti) - $97 (One Click)
Group buy: hosted by Aniv Full Slip - Lenti - One Click

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Jun 3, 2010
Brussels, Belgium
@Jamon-Jamon @MerlinT @Seth Plate AM @Vaako Did you guys get an email from WeET after placing your order? I ordered the full slip on May 27 and I did not receive an email acknowledgement. I emailed twice but no response. I checked the order details on the website and it says Condition = Deposit and shipping info says: "We have not yet shipped it or have not been able to enter shipping information." This is the first time I've ordered directly from them and I find the lack of communication worrisome.
I bought my copy on eBay so no idea mate but I know from past experiences that it can take a few days before they answer your email...