Movie trailers, yes or no?

Apr 30, 2009
hi all,

i love to watch movie trailers, but let me explain my experience to you, and do you feel the same......

many years ago, i saw a movie trailer for Naked gun 33 1/3 ( one with OJ Simpson ), well, trailer was shown everywhere for at least 3 months before movie was actually released, and showed some pretty funny scenes.

but guess what? after seeing the trailer on every tv station, going to movies and seeing trailer there, when movie actually came out, i went to see it, i hate to say this, but i walked out of the theatre, because the funny parts i already knew, and was no longer funny,

well, i made a decision that if i see a trailer for a movie i want to see, then i will try my best not to watch anymore of them, its kinda hard too lol

the first movie i did this was for Batman, the first one with Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson, and it worked for me lol

so people might post links for trailers of really hot movies, but i am not cliking the ones i am definetly going to see lol

so, anyone else have feeling about this? or am i the only one? lol


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Apr 28, 2009
I think it's hilarious, they tell you about the whole movie in the trailer the beginning, the middle and the end - show you the best scenes - and then play it like a million times in TV ads.

I totally agree with you on this, trailers are movie spoilers these days.
Apr 2, 2009
i skip movie trailers of movies i really want to see for this exact reason. but love trailers overall
Apr 29, 2009
yeah it just depends on the movie, but for the most part they really need to cut back on what they show and talk about.
I'll try to be vague.

Anybody see the trailer for the Adam Sandler movie coming out? They shown the begining, they show a big moment, show part of it after that, the twist, and than the end.

I feel like I seen the entire movie, not that I would have seen it anyway. But that's not the point.


Oct 26, 2010
The trailer spoiled Tropic Thunder for me... Try to avoid as many trailers as possible. They did great with the trailers of Inception. None of the trailers of that movie revealed anything other than the fact that it's was gonna be a awesome movie :D


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Apr 12, 2009
King-I have seen that trailer. It's tough to avoid them, but I agree-sometimes the whole plot is rolled out in the less than 3 minutes (standard trailer). I prefer teasers which come out 1+ year ahead, but some films will not get that kind of marketing support for "phased" roll outs. It ruins it when they show us the whole shabang up front though:)


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I like a trailer to be short and sharp, not too much given away but enough to let me know if its my kind of film. If its a big film i will watch the trailers a quite a few times as they are always on TV or other discs, i know i shouldn't but it helps builds the excitement up for me!


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Apr 12, 2009
Jef lol I feel the same way. I even get mad when people talk during them. And I hate missing any I usually get to theater very early friends think I am nuts lol

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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Jef lol I feel the same way. I even get mad when people talk during them. And I hate missing any I usually get to theater very early friends think I am nuts lol

I think it's perfectly normal. I've always said that if I could have a movie theater of my own i'd be set because i'd get all the trailers I wanted. I usually go to apple move trailers and watch all of them there... Haven't been in a while, but that's where I went the most.

Youtube is pretty good too, but you have to know what you're looking for there. The only downfall is i've usually seen all the trailers before I get to the theater. lol...