PS5/XBX-S MXGP 2020 (2020)

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Release Date: December 16, 2020
Developer: Milestone
Saddle up and challenge the 68 riders of the MXGP and MX2 categories, on the 19 circuits of the 2020
season, and have fun with the new features.

Take the role of a rookie in the world of Motocross. Join an official team or create your own.
Live the main challenge of the career: racing through the official 2020 season.

Choose between 4 different terrain types. Use the heightmaps to create the track of your dreams in
a realistic way, through hills and mountains Share your creations or download new ones.

Roam free in the Playground area inspired by the suggestive Norwegian fjords.

Choose your starting point, place the Waypoints around the map, race across them, complete the path
and share it online!
  • PS5
  • PS4 PS Store Only
  • XB1/X Microsoft Store Only
  • PS5
  • PS4 (PS Store Only)
  • XB1/X (Microsoft Store Only)
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