My 1st Blu-ray Steelbook..

Mar 26, 2009
I got the James bond Die Another Day, Today at Best Buy, They matched Targets add for $14.99 for it, good deal, but stupid me , if I would of bought 2 Bond Blus for $30.00 (price match Target) I would of got $10.00 more dollars off. so 2 Blu Bond Steelbooks would of been $20.00. Man I never thought of this till I got home, Might have to make another trip back to Best Buys,,LOL , anyways Watched it tonight and it was really good agian, very happy,


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Wow, that is a good deal ... and I was buying most of those for $30 a pop a few weeks ago LOL ...
My first steelbook was Wanted. I have since got Band of Brothers, Sweeney Todd and Reservoir Dogs. I honestly don't look out for them, but if I come across one at a good price I would pick it up :D
The Resevoir dogs ones is not a steelbook but yet a petrol tin can ... same with Band of Brothers as its more of a metal case where SteelBook is different in the looks.

Where the spine is plastic with no split down the side ... there are other competitors like MetalPak who have a split down their spine and are not as nicely made. For collectors, its like a legos vs. megablocks type of thing.
Congrats on the 1st steelbook. I've only got one (iron man, which I won from this site) and I'm not sure if I like them enough to buy more.
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Quite a few things ...

1on1 Tourney Prize - Free Blu-ray - Luke - Devils Rejects (Mint)
Pistols Only Tourney Prize - Free Blu-ray - Luke - Ladder 49 (Sealed)
Blu-Clan Random Drawing Give-Away -
$10 Amazon gift card (Splax)
Crank Blu-ray Sealed (TEK)
Iron Man blu-ray Steelbook (Thunda)
Snipers Only Tourney Prize - Free Blu-ray - ZEUS - Apocalypto (Sealed)
Shotgun Only Tourney Prize - Free Blu-ray - Caliblue - American Gangster (Sealed)
Xplosives Only Tourney Prize - Free Blu-ray - TMURDAH - Hitch (Sealed)
Headshot Only Tourney Prize - Free Blu-ray - TEK - Transformers (Sealed)
Team Player Tourney Prize - Call Of Duty : World At War - TEK - PS3 (Sealed)
$10 Amazon Gift Card - Tony Roach
$10 Amazon Gift Card - Jrocca
$10 Amazon Gift Card - Dattebayo251
Rising Sun Blu-ray - Random Give-Away - Glen Bob
Rising Sun Blu-ray - Random Give-Away - BigHorns
$10 Amazon Gift Card - PS_HERO
$10 Amazon Gift Card - Scott
$10 Amazon Gift Card - DaMexiRican
$10 Amazon Gift Card - Darth
$10 Amazon Gift Card - KingJames

we'll have to have some drawings here too. ;)
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lol got to get the map pack and do some more tourneys (will purchase this week :D)

back to the topic, just ordered the res dogs petrol can which looks awesome, as for steelbooks i was goin to pick up wanted but holding off for a 2 disc if available
Bump-What was your 1st Steelbook?

FutureShop I Am Legend, and I opened it EEK!

Was not a collector at that time and had no idea. I had bought DVD steelbooks, only Canadian, before as I thought they were cool so I naturally moved to the BD ones when they started being released.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into :D