[MY] arexis2629's Sale thread (Plain Archive/KimchiDvd/FAC/etc)

Aug 23, 2015
I’m from Malaysia.I have the following titles available for sale. Shipping and PayPal fees not included. Payment via PayPal only. Photo available upon request. PM if interested. Thanks.

1. HDZeta - Saving Private Ryan Lenticular Slip (sealed) USD65

Filmarena Collection (FAC)
4. FAC - Life Fullslip FAC (Opened) USD30
5. FAC - A Quiet Place XL Fullslip (sealed) USD70
7. FAC - Child 44 E1 (sealed) USD40
8. FAC - Creed E1 (sealed) USD45
11. FAC - Fantastic 4 E1 (sealed) USD40
13. FAC - 10 Cloverland Field (sealed) USD45
16. FAC - Magnificient Seven (Opened) USD30
17. FAC - Good Dinosaur (Opened) USD20
18. FAC - Sabotage (sealed) USD45
27. FAC - Get On Up (sealed but small tear on shrink wrap) USD65
28. FAC - Martian (sealed) USD75 HOLD
29. FAC - Jungle Book (opened) USD30
30. FAC - Looper (opened) USD40
31. FAC - Passengers (sealed) USD50
32. FAC - Sicario Fullslip (sealed) USD50
33. FAC - Star Trek: Beyond (sealed) USD40
34. FAC - Bad Boys 1 c/w Badge (sealed) USD100

KimchiDvd - Take all KimchiDvd 7 titles below for USD120
1. KimchiDvd - Finding Dory (unsealed) USD30
4. KimchiDvd - Life Fullslip (sealed) USD20
6. KimchiDvd - The Revenant Fullslip (Opened) USD20
7. KimchiDVd - Magnificient Seven Lenti Slip (Opened) USD20
9. KimchiDvd - Independence Day (Resurgence) Fullslip (opened) USD20
10. KimchiDvd - Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Lenti Slip (sealed) USD20
11. KimchiDvd - Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Lenti Slip (sealed) USD20

Plain Archive/Plain Selective
3. The Beauty Inside (fullslip) sealed USD20
6. High Rise (fullslip A) sealed USD23
11. Southpaw (fullslip) sealed USD23
12. Will You Be There (lenti) sealed USD23
13. Youngsoon (fullslip) sealed USD23
15. Sicario (fullslip scanavo) opened USD23
20. Right Now Wrong Then (fullslip) sealed USD23
21. Terminator Genisys (fullslip) sealed USD23
30. Om Shanti Om (red cover gloss) sealed USD23
35. Ida (type B) opened USD15
36. The King of Pigs (fullslip) opened USD23
37. Ernest & Celestine (type B) opened USD20
39. Frank (full lenti slip) - sealed USD23
41. Searching for Sugar Man (fullslip) opened USD23
46. Train To Busan (opened) USD60
48. A Most Wanted Man Type A (sealed) USD60

1. The Others Fullslip (sealed) USD30
2. Red Sonja (sealed) USD50.

1. Room (new and sealed) USD25

Mondo X Steelbook

Mondo X Steelbook (All sealed unless stated)
1. Drive (opened) USD70
3. Looper Variant (opened) USD30
4. Boyhood (opened) USD25
5. Boyhood Variant USD30
6. First Blood (opened) USD30
7. Pan's Labyrinth USD40 HOLD
8. Dredd USD30
9. Flash Gordon (opened) USD30
10. Shaun Of The Dead (opened) USD30
12. T2 Judgement Day USD30
13. T2 Judgement Day Variant (Opened) USD30
14. Ex Machina USD60 HOLD
18. Highlander (opened) USD30
20. Labyrinth (opened) USD30
21. The Avengers USD70 HOLD
22. The Avengers Variant USD70 HOLD
23. Ghost In The Shell USD50
24. We Are X (opened) USD20
25. The Incredibles USD50 (sealed but tear shrink wrap on top right. Ask for photo) HOLD
26. IT 2017 USD30

Reference: arexis2629 on eBay
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Aug 23, 2015
March 2019
The Greatest Showman FAC SOLD

April 2019
FAC - Ted 1, Ted 2 Bong and Ted 2 SOLD

May 2019
FAC - Interview with Vampire Fullslip (unsealed)

Sept 2019
Mantalab - X-Men Apocalypse Lenticular Slip (unsealed)
HDZeta - Inferno Lenticular Slip (unsealed)
FAC - Elektra (sealed)
FAC - Deadpool 2 XL Lenticular E3 4K UHD (sealed)
Black Barons - The Wolverine (sealed)
KimchiDvd - Hateful Eight Lenticular Slip (sealed)

Mar 2020
HDZeta - Green Mile Lenticular Slip (sealed)

Jun 2020
FAC - Prometheus XL Fullslip E3 (sealed)
FAC - Ex Machina (sealed)

Jul 2020
FAC - Beauty and The Beast Fullslip (unsealed)

Sept 2020
Summer Wars (lenti)
The Silenced (fullslip)
Becoming Jane (fullslip)
Old Boy (fullslip B)
Moonlight (fullslip)
Blue is the Warmest Colour
Carol (fullslip)
Logan Lucky (fullslip A)
Only Lovers Left Alive (fullslip type B)
Foxcatcher (fullslip scanavo)
Still Walking (fullslip)
The Wrestler (fullslip)
I Killed My Mother (fullslip)
Tinker Ticker (with OST)
FAC - Don't Breathe (unsealed)
FAC - Commando (sealed)
FAC - Equalizer (opened)
The Handmaiden Fullslip Type A (sealed)
KimchiDvd - Assassins Creed (sealed)

OCT 2020
Mommy (fullslip A) sealed
City Lights (fullslip) sealed
Modern Times (fullslip) sealed
Take Shelter (lenti fullslip) sealed
Macbeth (fullslip B) sealed
The Boy and The Beast (lenti fullslip) sealed
Blue Valentime (fullslip) sealed
Rudderless (fullslip B) sealed
Still Alice (fullslip) opened

NOV 2020
FAC - Edward Scissorhands (sealed)
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Aug 23, 2015
44. Old Boy Type A (sealed) USD60
45. Prisoners (sealed) USD40
32. The Imitation Game (PET slipbox) sealed USD25
Aug 23, 2015

1. FNAC - Fury Boxset (sealed) USD70
4. FAC - Life Fullslip FAC (Opened) USD30
1. FAC - Covenant Fullslip E1 (sealed) USD45
26. FAC - Revenant (sealed) USD40
24. Tinker Soldier Tailor Spy (type A) sealed USD23