My Fast & Furious Collection

Well, better late than never; but still, apologies as I haven't located everything - so you might notice a few gaps - but as soon as they're found, I'll add them into the thread.

Please note, the orange box DVDs contain posters :)


Please forgive the grubby prints on the shiny, embossed box - should be ashamed of myself!
The standing 'The Fast and the Furious' is the 'Turbo Edition', the one lying at the front in the second box set is the 'All Tricked Out Edition'


Thai DVD Fast Four Futurepack - Never seen another one personally.


FF 1-3 DVD Steel


Amarays - A few I still can't find - sorry. Fast Five here was an HMV Exclusive


Australian Steel Slipcase, Scandinavian Edition 'The Fast & The Furious', 1st Editon Fast Five UK Steel

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The last for now. a few more to find, and one to come in.

Hope it was worth the wait. Please like if you feel so inclined.


Some stragglers here. Fast 1-3 DVD Box is Lenticular. Tokyo Drift soundtrack self-explanatory.


The Fast and The Furious US slipcover Blu, a lovely prezzie from that well known gentleman, All round good egg and Amigo @bloodsnake007 Many Thanks & Cheers Bro' :thumbs: :thumbs:


F&F 1 to 6 BB - from the US with the able and great assistance of No.1 Cool Dude & Amigo @bloodsnake007 - you're a diamond mate :thumbs: :thumbs:


Fast 7 MM ed. with the able and great assistance of that No.1 Cool Dude & Friend @BumBum .. Cheers mate, you're a gem :thumbs: :thumbs:

n.b. Marks on the Italian Fast 7 are happily just the plastic. :)

Even now a few stragglers not found - but most of it is here now (for the time being anyway). Enjoy, if you will :)
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Many thanks to the ten of you who have voted for my collection so far. I really appreciate it.
When my next incoming arrives, I will endeavour to post more pics with some of the rest of the collection.

Folks, if you haven't voted for my collection, please do. I haven't any awards to my name, and it would be a really great place to start :thumbs:

Please vote ;):thumbs: