My Fast & Furious Collection

Well, better late than never; but still, apologies as I haven't located everything - so you might notice a few gaps - but as soon as they're found, I'll add them into the thread.

Please note, the orange box DVDs contain posters :)


Please forgive the grubby prints on the shiny, embossed box - should be ashamed of myself!
The standing 'The Fast and the Furious' is the 'Turbo Edition', the one lying at the front in the second box set is the 'All Tricked Out Edition'


Thai DVD Fast Four Futurepack - Never seen another one personally.


FF 1-3 DVD Steel


Amarays - A few I still can't find - sorry. Fast Five here was an HMV Exclusive


Australian Steel Slipcase, Scandinavian Edition 'The Fast & The Furious', 1st Editon Fast Five UK Steel

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Beautiful Jack!!!!
Thank you. She's very sweet, understated - and kind of fast and furious - 240 WHP - frightened a few fast Mercs, Bemms, even the odd Scooby or three. Not the rarest, but one of just 59 in this country :)

First owner raided the options list too, right down to electrically adjustable headlamps :thumbs:

Must get some new photos to show how shiny she is.
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