My New Hobby - Resin Figure Painting & Dioramas

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Well as it's looking I'm getting bored with everything and I'm not working now due to certain medical conditions and needed something to occupy my time otherwise I'd go stir crazy. I've decided to get back into painting miniatures, not so much for gaming though, more or less just for the painting aspect of it. Although the miniatures I used to paint way back in my 20's were pewter and very small and so far the ones I've been painting lately have been quite large. As I progress through each figure that I'm painting I'll show you all my progress, sort of a glimpse of what's to come. So without further ado let's get crackin'. :)

Here's some examples of what I'll be painting.


Savage Clown Workshop 05 550.png
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Nov 9, 2018
Okie Dokie! Finished him up. It took me a looong time to complete the base for this guy. This is actually the second base I made for him. I built the first one up and I didn't like it so I went to the drawing board figuratively speaking and started designing another one. I thought I had everything I needed but then I didn't and I'd had to order something else for it, I'd use it on the base and then I'd have to order something else for it and this continued for about 5-6 times until I had everything I'd need but between each item was a long waiting period because everywhere the shipping is delayed because of Covid-19 so I'd have to wait for long periods to start on the next step for it. The first base was created out of cork board, this one is created with sculpting mold. Tree believe it or not is made out of twisted wire and then I applied liquid latex rubber on it... made it look all creepy. Grass, rocks, flowers are all hand made. Lave was somewhat difficult, I kept procrastinating more and more making it because I was so afraid of screwing it up. I used something called Crackle Paste for it's foundation which applies like paste and then as it dries it cracks making it look like pieces of molten floating in lava. The lava is is a careful combination of paint and it actually looks like real lava... I looked at a lot of lava pictures on Google to get ideas. Without further ado I present to you the Plague Angel...

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WOW.... Looks fantastic Mate :thumbs: Amazing Job:OMG::notworthy:
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