Namco releasing 'Essentials' on PSN

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Namco releasing 'Essentials' on PSN, plus new Home space

Fans of classic Namco games have quite a bit to look forward to next month. Not only can you get Namco Museum Essentials on the PlayStation Network, but the Namco Bandai space will also launch in PlayStation Home.

Namco Museum Essentials will feature classic games like Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, and Dragon Spirit. It will also come with Xevious, and an updated version of the classic arcade shooter. Xevious Resurrection may be based on an old game, but the 1080p graphics will bring it into the modern HD-era. Museum Essentials will also be one of the first titles to implement the reward system for Home, giving you a chance to win items simply by playing through the game.


The Namco Bandai Home space will correspond with Museum Essentials. Arcade machines scattered through the space will act as Namco?s downloadable media hub, allowing gamers to try out demos and watch trailers. There will be a host of collectible items to show off to your friends on Home, as well.

Look for both Namco Museum Essentials and the Namco Bandai Home space on PlayStation 3 next month.
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