beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI

jk, im not that big of a douche

id change my name to 'king arthur and the knights of the round table', just to make everyone say the whole thing. like if my wife got mad at me and tried to use my whole name, by the time she said it shed either be too tired and forget why she was mad at me, or id have enough times to escapes! :D
Apr 28, 2009
I actually like my name so this is a tough one for me but I started calling myself Jon D because I feel like I don't have a last name, lol... found out that Felix wasn't my real last name, so I might change it to my moms last name but sometimes I wonder if I REALLY want to be doing that.
Jan 28, 2009
Manteca, CA
i want to be call Ceasar lol