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Bring The Good Times Home
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Jan 3, 2013
Price: $24.95
Release date: June 1, 2015

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Starring: Roger Corman, Glenn Corbett, Roger Davis, Johnny Rodriguez, Marcie Barkin, Judith Roberts, Monica Gayle Directed By: Gus Trikonis

Showbiz dreams and shocking reality are both in store for Kentucky teenager Jamie (Monica Gayle, Switchblade Sisters), who defies her family to pursue a career as a singer inspired by country idol Jeb Hubbard (Glenn Corbett, Homicidal). The path to stardom is paved with sordid sexual encounters, a stint as a masseuse, hard time in juvenile detention complete with a domineering female warden, and the bed of a record producer. Christened with the new name Melody Mason, she's destined to rise up the charts... but at what price? Also starring Roger Davis (TV's Dark Shadows), '70s country favorite Johnny Rodriguez, Marcie Barkin (Fade to Black), and Judith Roberts (Eraserhead), this rarely-seen slice of Roger Corman drive-in riches from director Gus Trikonis (The Evil, Moonshine County Express) is finally back in the limelight with a dazzling new HD transfer.

Brand New 16x9 HD master from the original camera negatives (1:78)
Interview with Roger Corman
Trailers from Hell
Original Trailer
Fun facts and trivia segment