Natural Born Killers (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Entertainment Store Exclusive) [UK]


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Mar 8, 2012
Release Date: 7th October 2013
Price: {param} £9.99
Order: Natural Born Killers- they only deliver within the UK.

Now available on ebay - ships to most locations!

Group Buy: Click HERE
Notes: 4K Qty, Region Free, Full gloss finish, Embossed title and glasses





Actual Pics: (Thanks to NM + Zesty)


I got a couple of emails last night after I inquired what was next for ES Steelbook-wise. The responses had picture clues on them which is pretty cool

The first one hinted at Forbidden Planet (I set up a thread here) and the other one looks to be Natural Born Killers as guessed by Carlos :thumbs:

Hopefully a mod can get confirmation from them some time soon

There are some fine, exclusive Super SteelBooks available to Pre-order at The Entertainment Store very soon. Can you guess which classic movie this is?

ES Email_2.jpg

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After the awful experience I've had with their customer services recently, I wouldn't buy anything directly from them again - i'd rather wait for an international release
How did you get natural born killers from that? That kid has a cd for a face that says hot fuss? what am i missing :wtf:
Although it may be a little premature to 'announce' these, it is exciting to know that Entertainment Store are considering new releases. I really hope they go the extra mile with their releases, a UK version of Kimchi if you will. That said I hope they continue to release new Paramoint titles as the Steelbooks themselves have been top quality so far.
Not sure, there's plenty of garbage new releases aswell.

:hilarious: so true but a well put together garbage new release is better as I only have to purchase it once ;) Re releases such as this EEK! (technically because it has been released numerous times before just in steel packaging this time) don't fancy me any more. Just my personal opinion.

I'd rather keep the amaray with same or better content than double dip on a steel with same or inferior content

It is so much easier planning for new releases and not worrying about catalogue re releases
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