Neon Wasteland [Independent/Crowdfunded]


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Neon Wasteland is a new kind of comic book that uses augmented reality to bring every panel to life. Inspired by late 1980's Japanese cyberpunk animation, the story is set in a universe that can be described as Mad Max meets the Matrix.

Putting the Punk Back in Cyberpunk

At its core, Neon Wasteland is a satire about the world we live in, the real power and danger that we continue to uncover through technology and the seductive pull of artificial reality. It’s about the constant struggle between our physical and digital identities and the value of human connection in a society where we seem to be increasingly alienated.

It’s a psychedelic-colored world where gender and race are fluid, and the characters reflect more of the diverse audience of comic fans. The story is about empowering the underdog and giving a voice to those who are going unheard.

The Story So Far

In 2088 most humans no longer have a physical form. They have achieved digital immortality through the "OmniVerse”, a massive orbital computer system spreading throughout the galaxy. Those who are still human live inside a sprawling factory slum known as Earth where they are grown by various corporations to help maintain computer hardware.

The main storyline focuses on two rival gangs living on Earth. When a sudden outbreak of undead mutant soldiers overruns their camp, they begin to question the nature of their reality which in turn causes it to slowly unravel revealing a much darker truth.


All you need to do is download the free Neon Wasteland AR app (iOS and Android) and point it at your comic book (or PDF) and watch the panels come to life.

Or read it like a traditional comic book without ever touching a smart phone. Neon Wasteland is designed to work both ways so no matter how you want to read it you will still experience the main story line without missing a beat.

If you feel like digging a bit deeper the AR app also supports simple interactive elements such as talking to characters, examining items, decoding secret messages and opening locked doors. These sequences serve as a way to expand the Neon Wasteland universe but are NOT required to understand the main story arch.

How much you decide to use the AR app is up to you.


Download the current "Neon Wasteland AR" app from the App or Play Store and point it at this image to see it come to life!




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I love the art style and the music, which you probably guessed.

Not completely sure on how it will work. I might have to give that app a try.
I gave the app a shot and it's amazing how it brought that still image from the first post to life.