Netflix Ships 2 billionth delivery

2,000,000,000. That's how many movies Netflix has shipped out since coming on the scene in 1999. Lucky number two billion -- Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist on Blu-ray) snagged Clay Shannon a complimentary lifetime subscription (guess he's not too concerned about the new, higher Blu-ray rates.) It took the company eight years to cross the one billion milestone, and only two for the next billion. While there's little indication of a slowdown in the two million movies shipped out every day from 58 distribution centers, we wouldn't be surprised if number 3 billion were just as likely to come as a download than anything else.


You have to be renting stuff so often to even come close to have a chance of this! Congrats to the lucky winner who won't be paying fees anymore :) That's luck right there!


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LOL. They'll probably give him a lifetime subscription of 1 movie at a time with at total of 1 movie per month. Haha. Then, they'll charge him alot or take away his subscription if he rents more than that or wants to upgrade. LOL.